Tuesday, April 1, 2008

One day I decided I wanted to make wooden toys

Hopefully they won't suck.

Back in Jr. High in the '80's I took wood shop. It was fun, I learned stuff and the teacher was missing a few fingers (cool!). Ever since then I have had tools and built some stuff. Nothing fancy, but I can make a bookshelf that won't fall over and a stand for the TV that has not yet crashed.

Since we bought a house in 2001 I have been slowly taking over the garage with a table saw here, worktable there. Since our son was born I have seen many toys and kid furniture and thought, "I could make something better than that." I know people say that all the time, but I was finally inspired to try it. I bought a cheap lathe and band saw to round out the shop (still need a belt sander though...) and found some books about how to use all this stuff to create some toys.

I have had several titles in my life but "Toy Maker" seems like it would be a pretty cool one. Besides which, toys are nice and small. How many desks can one house possibly use? I think I have put in or been given about $1,000.00 worth of power tools over the last few years. I have been able to find free lumber at times but all in all not too expensive a hobby. Better tools might make the job easier but for now I dig my set up.

I'll post pictures and describe what I'm doing and maybe meet others who are doing the same. Now off to the garage.

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Kathy said...

Nice! See you at Christmas!